Friday, June 28, 2013

Over/Under: What Your Toilet Paper Roll Says About You

It's a constant debate: which way the toilet paper is supposed to hang off the roll. Some like it over the top, and some like it hanging under the roll. Many studies have been done by toilet tissue companies, and the overwhelming consensus is that consumers prefer their toilet paper to hang over the roll. In fact, a recent study by Cottonelle shows that over 72% of Americans that participated in the study prefer their toilet paper to hang over.

So, what does your toilet paper preference say about you? Those who like theirs "under" are more easy-going and relaxed. You don't let the seemingly "small" things in life bother you. However, those of you who like your paper "over" may be a little more structured in your daily habits. You like to have things a certain way - a place for everything, and everything in its place. Many people who participated in Cottonelle's study even admitted that they will flip the roll over if they visit a friend or business who hangs the roll the wrong way! But it's all good. Regardless of the way you prefer your roll to hang, the important thing is the end result. It's not how you get the job done, but simply that you do get the job done.

No matter which way you prefer your toilet paper, make sure you are fully stocked. Whether you're camping in the woods or using a portable restroom at a local festival, one thing is for sure. It's better to have your toilet paper the wrong way than to have no toilet paper at all.

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