Friday, August 30, 2013

Biffs Encourages You to Eat Your Wheaties

Minnesota Vikings' running back Adrian Peterson has hit several huge milestones, including having his picture grace the cereal isles of grocery stores across the nation. Peterson landed the coveted Wheaties box spot after breaking the NFL's single-season rushing record; the talented running back dashed for over 2,000 yards.

Adrian Peterson's Can Do Attitude

Peterson clocked a lot of the yardage less than a year after surgery to repair a torn ACL. Peterson's ability to dig in and reach a goal despite stacked odds may help the Vikings in this year's season. Training notes from Arif Hasan report that Peterson and Toby Gerhart turned in strong performances on the offensive line, as did many of the linemen. Quarterbacking was hit and miss as upcoming stars, led by Ponder, attempt to find their stride.

Are You Ready for Some Football?

As the time for fall leaves gets closer and the night air turns crisp, things will heat up on the football field. Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings are busy preparing for the season, and fans may want to get ready too. Enjoy football season with a series of backyard BBQs or tailgating events. Keep everyone comfortable by offering the services of a portable restroom nearby. Porta potty and washing station rentals keep your event sanitary and ensure longevity for victory parties.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Paper Towels vs. Hand Dryers

If you have ever been to an outdoor event and used a portable restroom and needed to dry your hands, then you know the benefit of paper towels and hand dryers. In some restrooms there are both options to dry your hands with. So the question comes down to which one is better to use than the other one.

The Benefits of Paper Towels and Hand Dryers

A Look at Paper Towels

Paper towels have long been the choice for companies to use in the restrooms. Here are a few benefits of using paper towels.
  1. Paper towels are the most widely used method for hand drying.
  2. Using the paper towel to dry your hands helped stop the spread of bacteria from one surface to another.
  3. Paper towels get hands dry quicker than if they were dried using an electric hand dryer.
  4. Paper towels allow people to clean more effectively if there is a need to wipe things off of another surface.
  5. The use of paper towels saves energy from being used in the bathrooms.

A Look at Hand Dryers

Hand dryers are a way for people to dry their hands without having to use paper towels. Hot air is blown over the skin and the water evaporates off the skin. Here are a few facts about using hand dryers.
  1. Using hand dryers keeps trees from being used for paper towels.
  2. It can take up to 30 seconds for a dryer to get your hands dry.
  3. Some reports show that the hand dryers may allow bacteria to grow and spread from hand to hand during the drying process.
  4. The hand dryer costs less to operate than having to buy paper towels.
  5. The hot air has been known to leave your hands feeling dried out.
  6. There is no need to have an employee check the bathroom to see that it is stocked with paper towels if the restroom is equipped with hand dryers.
The issue of paper towels and hand dryers may never be solved but at least now you know some facts about each method. If your company is looking at using paper towels or is in need of portable facilities, then check out Biffs, they are the portable toilet supplier of the Midwest that has been helping keep peoples hands dry and free of bacteria. You will want to know your options before making the decision of which method is the best.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

ADA Compliant Portable Restrooms: Brought to You by Biffs

When the Federal Government signed into law the Americans with Disabilities Act in 2004, a whole new world started opening up for those with physical disabilities and limitations. It became law that all public buildings and public restroom facilities had to meet certain guidelines for accessibility and usability for those in wheelchairs and for those with other physical limitations that 'standard' facilities couldn't meet.

In order for a bathroom to be ADA compliant, more than wheelchair accessibility is required. Not only must a person in a wheelchair be able to get through the door but grab bars and other accessibility requirements must be met as well. For instance, in order for portable restrooms to be ADA compliant, all grab bars must be placed correctly according to specification, toilet seat height must meet specifications and enough floor space must be available for a wheelchair to turn easily, as well.

Biff's, a portable toilet supplier for over 25 years, has put a lot of thought and time into designing a fully ADA compliant porta potty. Not only is the door fully ADA compliant but the grab rails are fully compliant, as well. The wheelchair turning radius is 62" and the height of their ADA compliant bathroom is over 90" along with being 77" deep and 77" wide. This means there's plenty of room for someone in a wheelchair to comfortably enter, maneuver, utilize and exit Biff's ADA compliant porta potty with ease.

Make sure your next outdoor function, whether you're giving a concert, having a fair, putting up a construction site or even a corporate event that you have at least one ADA compliant portable restroom available. Not only will this ensure you're meeting all the local, state and federal guidelines, but your employees or guests will appreciate it as well.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

10 Free Sites That Help You Beat Bathroom Line Boredom

Among other significant science-y things, Albert Einstein is known for advancing the relativity theory that mostly says that time has a way of speeding up and slowing down.
Granted, he was talking about great distances of space, but we imagine he could have made the same observations while in one of those never-ending lines to the loo. Because we’re sure there must be some secret science involved in how slow these porta potty lines seem to move.
Conversation is limited while waiting for the next available portable restroom because there isn't a lot to say – “Yep, it’s slow.” “Yep, Einstein.” And bathroom lines probably aren't the most ideal occasions to meet strangers.
So how can you make time trickle faster, while not thinking about anything else trickling?
Pull out your smart phone for starters. There are all sorts of free apps and sites that can help win the waiting game for portable toilets.

Apps we like:

  • Find my iPhone. You may have it right now, but may lose it at the next concert or public event. Then you’ll wish you had used this useful location program while waiting for the porta potty.
  • Candy Crush Saga. All the colorful item matching fun of Bejeweled Blitz but none the pressure. This simple, sweet and colorful puzzle game sucks you in and haunts your dreams.
  • Try Vine. Capture highlights of your day in 6-second chunks and post them online. Pause when you reach your destination though.
  • Find My Friends. In case your friends decide to be sneaky and aren’t where they promised they'd be when you’re done with the portable toilet(s) you can easily track them down.
  • 4 Pics 1 Song. Test your musical knowledge by guessing the visual clues. Cheer if you get it in one; you’ll be the king or queen of the commode line in no time.

Other sites ‘scientifically proven’ to pass the time.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wipe Away Traditional Advertising

According to statistics, there are 1.4 million portable toilets in use at any given time, throughout the world. That's a lot of porta potty business "going down." While event holders don't hold portable restrooms as the highlight of their gatherings, the presence of portable toilets, most certainly, is an extremely important and commonly forgotten about necessity at all outdoor events. When nature calls, some might say that Biffs is the most popular guest at the event.

We, at Biff's, have enjoyed nearly four decades of supporting and promoting a non-toxic environment by providing quality portable restrooms for outdoor gatherings. But, we also look for creative ways for our partners and friends to advertise. Star Toilet Paper is a restroom advertiser thinking beyond the relief room magazine rack. And, they use quality-grade paper to ensure that each prospect leaves with a good lasting impression.

Captive Audience

With that said, the portable restroom is perhaps the most strategic place to plant an advertisement. Although no one at a major event relishes the thought of having to use a porta potty, they never go unused. In fact, there is no place at any event, other than a concession stand, that has a longer line of people that can't wait to "get in."

Justification for a Toilet Paper Campaign

Most marketers and advertisers are forced to use gimmicks to apprehend the minds of consumers. Billboards, social network pop-ups and radio blasts are used as tools of competition in getting the most people to look or listen--at their adds exclusively. There is no competition for attention in portable restrooms; consider, however, that your main competitor may be "rolling" in calls of interest and sales with a Star Toilet Paper campaign, in a decorated Biff's portable toilet box.

Of the 1.4 million porta potties in use, your message could get a look from at least a few people from a captive audience.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

No Crap, Just Facts!

Imagine being trapped in the bathroom without any tissue. Now that’s a scary thought. Toilet paper is something you don't think much about until it's not there. Toilet paper was voted the 20th century convenience that is taken most for granted. It is the cheapest, but most valued commodity in households worldwide. It is the greatest necessity one would choose if stranded on a desert island.

Most of us think of toilet paper as really only having one use. As this may be true for the most part, there are a handful of other reasons we use toilet paper. From most to least common:
  • Nose care
  • Wiping small spills
  • Removing makeup
  • Cleaning mirrors
  • Cleaning a child's hand or face
  • To cover the toilet seat in a public or portable restroom
  • Cleaning glass

With toilet paper being a little more handy than we may have originally thought, it makes sense that such a large amount is used each year. In a household bathroom, a standard roll of bath tissue will typically be used within 5 days. On average, a person will use 8.6 sheets of toilet paper per trip to the restroom, totaling 57 sheets per day. That brings us to a grand total of 20,805 sheets used per year by a single person.

So we know we use a lot of it, but let's dig a little deeper. As discussed in our previous blog, people can be pretty particular about their toilet paper. There's the ongoing debate of whether it's correct to let your toilet paper hang over or under the roll. What about once it's off the roll and in your hand - do you fold, wad or wrap? A survey shows that women are more prone to wad while men will more commonly fold.
  • 40% of people are Folders/Stackers
  • 40% of people are Wadders
  • 20% of people are Wrappers
The next time nature calls, see if you notice whether you're a folder, wadder or wrapper!

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Introducing the Luxury Portable Restroom Trailer

Portable restrooms have many nicknames and as we all know, they can be found in a wide range of conditions and used at an equally numerous amount of places. At Biffs we aim to deliver top quality service and products. Taking our efforts of quality to the portable restrooms, we are proud to introduce our new Luxury Portable Restroom Trailer. If you are planning an event that you take pride in, the luxury trailer has all the amenities you need!

Features and benefits of our luxury portable restroom trailer

The trailer style is easy to transport to any event and provides multiple facilities in one unit. You don't have to rent eight separate porta-potties; the trailer includes one complete toilet and three urinals for men with four individual toilets for women. Two entrances are provided, one male and one female. The interior toilets have privacy doors. If you have ever swung a toilet door open when someone forgot to lock it, you will understand the benefit of this feature.

The trailer is stable; it will not tip over in high winds keeping your guests safe. Your luxury trailer also features heating and air conditioning. Anyone that has ever used a non-ventilated portable toilet in the middle of summer can tell you what the experience was like. Give your guests something pleasant to remember.

In addition to all of these features, the trailer includes hot and cold running water allowing your guests and staff to wash their hands. You also get tiled floors and full-length mirrors with enough space to turn around. This is a great extra for parents with small children.

As your premier portable toilet supplier, we can supply you with everything you need for your event to provide guests with comfort. We will work with you to make sure you have enough facilities and supplies to meet your needs. If you are hosting a high-class event, impress your guests with a luxury portable restroom trailer.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Over/Under: What Your Toilet Paper Roll Says About You

It's a constant debate: which way the toilet paper is supposed to hang off the roll. Some like it over the top, and some like it hanging under the roll. Many studies have been done by toilet tissue companies, and the overwhelming consensus is that consumers prefer their toilet paper to hang over the roll. In fact, a recent study by Cottonelle shows that over 72% of Americans that participated in the study prefer their toilet paper to hang over.

So, what does your toilet paper preference say about you? Those who like theirs "under" are more easy-going and relaxed. You don't let the seemingly "small" things in life bother you. However, those of you who like your paper "over" may be a little more structured in your daily habits. You like to have things a certain way - a place for everything, and everything in its place. Many people who participated in Cottonelle's study even admitted that they will flip the roll over if they visit a friend or business who hangs the roll the wrong way! But it's all good. Regardless of the way you prefer your roll to hang, the important thing is the end result. It's not how you get the job done, but simply that you do get the job done.

No matter which way you prefer your toilet paper, make sure you are fully stocked. Whether you're camping in the woods or using a portable restroom at a local festival, one thing is for sure. It's better to have your toilet paper the wrong way than to have no toilet paper at all.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How Clean is Your Portable Toilet?

As they say, when you gotta go, you gotta go. Whether it be at a football tailgate or an outdoor concert, there will come a time when a porta potty is your best friend. When it comes to choosing a portable restroom or trailer, Biffs is the only one in Minnesota that you can count on to be clean. The reason is because all of our units are disinfected. When you really "gotta go", do you want to be questioning whether or not the portable toilet you are using is truly disinfected?

What a Disinfecting System Has to Offer

The idea of a portable restroom not being disinfected is enough to make anyone hold “it” until they find a real bathroom – even if it’s a bathroom at a gas station. Biffs is the only portable restroom company in Minnesota to use a disinfecting system. The system itself is called Biffs Pathfinders, which is used to actually clean up the portable toilets. It simplifies the job and minimizes repetitive labor.

Some of the benefits to using the disinfecting system are that it:

  • Leaves no residue
  • Removes odors
  • Provides consistent cleaning results
  • Disinfects all areas – even where a brush can’t reach

When there is a clean and truly disinfected portable restroom, customers are happier. Biffs Pathfinders can actually reduce bacteria by 56% in comparison to traditional cleaning methods. Additionally, it can reduce mold by 132% - meaning it’s designed to be a significantly better way of cleaning portable toilets – and it’s a great way to advertise to patrons.

Portable toilets may be all that you have to offer customers – and this means that you need to make sure customers are happy. It may not be the case that your customers will visit you again just because of your portable toilets, but it’s certainly a way to add to the overall experience.

Biffs Pathfinders is the original portable restroom disinfecting system and works to reduce the number of hours cleaning, the number of steps to clean and the possibility of workplace accidents. Portable toilets need to be cleaned properly. What you may currently be getting could be filled with bacteria, mold, and foul odors – and it doesn’t have to be that way. Biffs is the premium portable toilet supplier that uses a disinfecting system that will truly disinfect porta potties.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

The History of Toilet Paper

Joseph Gayetty is a man you’ve likely never heard of, but he is the person you should thank every time you go to flush. Gayetty did not invent toilet paper, per se, but he is responsible for making it commercially available to the masses. If it were not for him, we would still be wiping with – well, there are a few things people have used through the ages.

Pre-Paper Period

In the days before toilet paper, or even paper as we know it, was invented, people took care of business in a variety of ways. Of course leaves, grass and furs would be natural choices to use. How about mussel shells, though? Perfect for scooping, when wiping just won’t do.
In Rome, sponges on a stick were the preferred utensil. Just rinse them off with a little salt water, and they’re ready for the next person! Who cares about hygiene anyway, when everyone’s taking a bath together?
In the dry regions of the Middle East, where sea sponges were hard to come by, people just used their left hand. No wonder it’s still considered unclean to this day.

Paper Period

In the 14th century, someone in China had a brilliant idea. An unknown person introduced the Chinese emperor to toilet paper, and we can only assume the emperor treated him favorably from that day on. Conveniently, sheets were 2 feet by 3 feet, which let them double as a pillow case if not used.
By the time people started moving West, Americans caught onto this idea of using paper. On the frontier, corn cobs still had to be used at times when paper was scarce. The Sears Catalogue and Farmer’s Almanac were favored over nature’s supplies, though.

Toilet Paper Period

Since Gayetty made toilet paper commercially available in 1857, there have been a few innovations. It was put on rolls and perforated in 1877, and by 1935 people finally could get splinter-free toilet paper. Thankfully, today it is found in virtually every modern restroom – even portable restrooms! There is no need to bring your own paper, even when portable toilets will be the only ones available.

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Friday, May 31, 2013

Why the Porta Potty Won't Wash You Out

These days, we need to save both water and time, and one of the keys to saving both is by using portable restrooms. You may wonder, "How in the world is using the porta loo going to save the earth?" The answer is one flush at a time. In our homes we each flush the toilet 5-6 times a day, and a standard toilet uses nearly 19 gallons of water each day. High efficiency toilets use about half that. But with a porta potty a ten person construction crew can make it through a whole 40 hour work week and only use 6 gallons of water during that time.

When you look at what a porta john can save over a full year, the numbers are impressive. Portable toilets save 125 million gallons of water a year – with that amount of water you can fill Soldier Field twice. Talk about washing the White Sox. You also get more productivity out of crews who don't have to keep running inside to use the bathroom. One study showed that construction sites that used portable toilets had a return on their investment multiplied eight and a half times over.

Even though you see quite a few portable toilet on construction sites, that isn't the only place where they are useful. They are also great for outdoor events, whether it is a big concert, a festival or fair, or even that big wedding in the back yard. Face it, a couple hundred guests in and out of your home can put a lot of wear and tear on your personal pot, not to mention your water bill.

Between the convenience of having a toilet right where you need it, and the water saving green aspect, we should all look for opportunities to make use of the porta potty.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

6 Most Common Items that Fall in a Porta Potty

So you're at that big outdoor concert having a great time. The opener just exited the stage and you make a run for the porta potty to relieve yourself of all the "adult beverages" you consumed while tailgating in the parking lot before the gates opened. You enter the portable toilet and casually lean over the toilet seat to get a glimpse of what exactly is down there. Suddenly, you feel those sunglasses you have resting on your baseball hat begin to slip. You react, but it's too late - your shades are now one with the waste. That’s a crappy situation to find yourself in.

In fact, sunglasses are just one of the most common items that find their way into the porta potty. Here's a look at six others:
  1. Cell phones: As you're sitting down to do your business, it's all too easy for your cell phone to slip out of your pocket and into the waste cesspool below. Or you could be one of those folks who tries to talk while doing your business. Multitasking just isn't meant to be done in a portable toilet.
  2. Keys: Just like with your cell phone, these are just a pants shift away from slipping from your pocket.
  3. Wallet: See reasoning behind Nos. 1 and 2.
  4. Baseball hats: You know you lean over to see what exactly is down there before you go. Don't kid yourself, every porta potty user does it. That's when your cap is apt to join the party down below.
  5. Beverages: The thing about porta potties is that there are often lines to use them. So why let your beer or beverage get cold elsewhere when you could be drinking it while you wait in line? Unfortunately, this is often a double-edged sword as it falls into the toilet once you're inside doing your thing.
  6. Camera: You never know when a Kodak moment will strike. But items are hard to juggle in confined spaces when you're doing other business.
Whether you're at a tailgate, concert, graduation party, family reunion or some other outdoor site or activity, the porta potty is often considered a convenience. But take it from us - enter with caution and don't try to multitask inside. You don't want any items of your to enter the porta potty graveyard.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Brief History of the Portable Toilet

You might not realize this, but the next time you make use of a porta potty, you're going to be sitting on more than three thousand years of history. Portable toilets go back to the days of ancient Egypt, as hard as that may be to believe. Of course, they weren't always made of blue plastic. Join us as we take a portable restroom through time to learn the history of the porta potty!

The first porta-potties, as far as we can tell, were invented in Ancient Egypt and consisted of a stool with a clay pot underneath. These porta-johns were frequently used by high ranking officials, with whom they were frequently buried, just in case nature called in the afterlife.

Eventually, in the Middle Ages, we would see the most famous form of ancient porta-johns – the chamber pot. Chamber pots were usually simple metal pots that you could do your business into and then simply pour out the window when you had the chance. If you wanted to class it up a bit, you could also get hold of a glass chamber pot... Lord knows why you would want to, but that option was available.

The first portable toilets to look more like the modern porta potty finally showed up in World War I, when soldiers would relieve themselves in portable water closets marked "T. Crapper" for Thomas Crapper, plumber and inventor of the modern toilet.

At this point we might want to take a moment to point out that we are not making this up.
Outhouses, common throughout history and still found in some rural areas, are technically portable, though not totally. Typically an outhouse is placed over a hole in the ground, and when that hole fills up, dirt is thrown on it and the outhouse is moved over a few feet. If you're willing to dig a new hole every time you want to set your toilet up, then you could technically call this a portable toilet.

In Long Beach, California in the 1940's, wooden portable toilets finally showed up allowing dock workers to stay close to the job. These simple toilets were basically wooden portable closets with a seat and a drain in the bottom.

Finally, modern plastics made the porta potty a possibility. Lightweight polyethylene allowed for a more sanitary, slick surface that would result in toilets that could be easily transported while providing some privacy. Yes, the 1960's truly ushered in a new dawn for the portable toilet!

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Biffs: Portable Restrooms Where YOU Need Them

One of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world is to be at an event or on a jobsite, standing there with your legs crossed looking for a restroom. What's even worse is when you actually find one, you almost wish you hadn't. With Biffs, your jobsite, emergency site or event (whether small or large) can have clean and sanitary facilities so people can comfortably take care of business. Biffs has been a portable toilet supplier in the upper Midwest for over 25 years and has the supplies and services to meet, or even exceed your (and your guests or workers) needs.

Here are some areas that Biffs specializes in:
  • Portable toilets for construction sites (including high rises)
  • Portable restroom trailers for corporate events
  • Porta Potty facilities for county fairs
  • Portable Toilets for outdoor concert events
  • Porta John facilities for long term and commercial sites
  • Portable restrooms for parks and recreation facilities
With Biff's, you can actually offer people a real restroom instead of a fancy honey bucket. Biff's has trailer facilities that are as well-equipped as any restroom you could expect with multiple stalls, sinks and water tanks to take care of the most upscale corporate events. These facilities are completely self-contained and easily maintained whether you're taking care of 100 people or 10,000. Since Biff's works with an eco-lab, not only do you have clean portable facilities delivered where you need them but they've been disinfected and sanitized as well.

For job sites, Biff's does have the porta john style toilets for outside. However, they also have portable toilets and urinal stations which are easily moved from floor to floor during construction of apartment and office high rises and skyscrapers. Porta potty, urinal cans and "insider" toilets are available which are easily rolled onto elevators or lifted into place via crane. This saves personnel dollars since employees don't have to return to the ground floor to take care of personal needs.

For disaster sites, there's no better restroom solution than Biff's. Not only do they have the portable restroom(s) available to handle the largest emergencies, with Biff's changing stations, sinks, hand sanitizers and waste containers, every aspect of waste management can be easily planned for and accomplished with as much ease and convenience as possible. For long term facilities, Biff's also offers temporary waste tanks that can be easily swapped, enabling emergency management teams to create semi-permanent facilities without concern for sewage disposal. So no more digging latrines!

Biff's is also proud to offer restroom facilities for small events and functions as well. Whether you're looking to host a graduation party, birthday bash, family reunion or other event, you don't have to restrict those events to places where restrooms are already available or are severely limited. With Biff's, your event can happen virtually anywhere and your guests will have the restroom facilities they need for their comfort and convenience.

Since Biff's has been around since 1986, they've become so well known that portable outdoor facilities have become known as "Biffys" all over the upper Midwest. That's because people know that when they visit a Biffy, they're going to find clean, solid facilities they can rely on to take care of their needs. So, if you need a Biffy in a jiffy, Biffs is the place to go!

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