Tuesday, May 21, 2013

6 Most Common Items that Fall in a Porta Potty

So you're at that big outdoor concert having a great time. The opener just exited the stage and you make a run for the porta potty to relieve yourself of all the "adult beverages" you consumed while tailgating in the parking lot before the gates opened. You enter the portable toilet and casually lean over the toilet seat to get a glimpse of what exactly is down there. Suddenly, you feel those sunglasses you have resting on your baseball hat begin to slip. You react, but it's too late - your shades are now one with the waste. That’s a crappy situation to find yourself in.

In fact, sunglasses are just one of the most common items that find their way into the porta potty. Here's a look at six others:
  1. Cell phones: As you're sitting down to do your business, it's all too easy for your cell phone to slip out of your pocket and into the waste cesspool below. Or you could be one of those folks who tries to talk while doing your business. Multitasking just isn't meant to be done in a portable toilet.
  2. Keys: Just like with your cell phone, these are just a pants shift away from slipping from your pocket.
  3. Wallet: See reasoning behind Nos. 1 and 2.
  4. Baseball hats: You know you lean over to see what exactly is down there before you go. Don't kid yourself, every porta potty user does it. That's when your cap is apt to join the party down below.
  5. Beverages: The thing about porta potties is that there are often lines to use them. So why let your beer or beverage get cold elsewhere when you could be drinking it while you wait in line? Unfortunately, this is often a double-edged sword as it falls into the toilet once you're inside doing your thing.
  6. Camera: You never know when a Kodak moment will strike. But items are hard to juggle in confined spaces when you're doing other business.
Whether you're at a tailgate, concert, graduation party, family reunion or some other outdoor site or activity, the porta potty is often considered a convenience. But take it from us - enter with caution and don't try to multitask inside. You don't want any items of your to enter the porta potty graveyard.

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