Tuesday, August 20, 2013

ADA Compliant Portable Restrooms: Brought to You by Biffs

When the Federal Government signed into law the Americans with Disabilities Act in 2004, a whole new world started opening up for those with physical disabilities and limitations. It became law that all public buildings and public restroom facilities had to meet certain guidelines for accessibility and usability for those in wheelchairs and for those with other physical limitations that 'standard' facilities couldn't meet.

In order for a bathroom to be ADA compliant, more than wheelchair accessibility is required. Not only must a person in a wheelchair be able to get through the door but grab bars and other accessibility requirements must be met as well. For instance, in order for portable restrooms to be ADA compliant, all grab bars must be placed correctly according to specification, toilet seat height must meet specifications and enough floor space must be available for a wheelchair to turn easily, as well.

Biff's, a portable toilet supplier for over 25 years, has put a lot of thought and time into designing a fully ADA compliant porta potty. Not only is the door fully ADA compliant but the grab rails are fully compliant, as well. The wheelchair turning radius is 62" and the height of their ADA compliant bathroom is over 90" along with being 77" deep and 77" wide. This means there's plenty of room for someone in a wheelchair to comfortably enter, maneuver, utilize and exit Biff's ADA compliant porta potty with ease.

Make sure your next outdoor function, whether you're giving a concert, having a fair, putting up a construction site or even a corporate event that you have at least one ADA compliant portable restroom available. Not only will this ensure you're meeting all the local, state and federal guidelines, but your employees or guests will appreciate it as well.

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