Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wipe Away Traditional Advertising

According to statistics, there are 1.4 million portable toilets in use at any given time, throughout the world. That's a lot of porta potty business "going down." While event holders don't hold portable restrooms as the highlight of their gatherings, the presence of portable toilets, most certainly, is an extremely important and commonly forgotten about necessity at all outdoor events. When nature calls, some might say that Biffs is the most popular guest at the event.

We, at Biff's, have enjoyed nearly four decades of supporting and promoting a non-toxic environment by providing quality portable restrooms for outdoor gatherings. But, we also look for creative ways for our partners and friends to advertise. Star Toilet Paper is a restroom advertiser thinking beyond the relief room magazine rack. And, they use quality-grade paper to ensure that each prospect leaves with a good lasting impression.

Captive Audience

With that said, the portable restroom is perhaps the most strategic place to plant an advertisement. Although no one at a major event relishes the thought of having to use a porta potty, they never go unused. In fact, there is no place at any event, other than a concession stand, that has a longer line of people that can't wait to "get in."

Justification for a Toilet Paper Campaign

Most marketers and advertisers are forced to use gimmicks to apprehend the minds of consumers. Billboards, social network pop-ups and radio blasts are used as tools of competition in getting the most people to look or listen--at their adds exclusively. There is no competition for attention in portable restrooms; consider, however, that your main competitor may be "rolling" in calls of interest and sales with a Star Toilet Paper campaign, in a decorated Biff's portable toilet box.

Of the 1.4 million porta potties in use, your message could get a look from at least a few people from a captive audience.

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